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Andrew McMahon | Viper Room, West Hollywood | July 9, 2014 | Image by Amy Lane 

Sat down with Alternative Press to talk about making the record while having a new baby come into my life. Read it here.Pre-order the S/T album out 10/14 on iTunes, Amazon, or through my webstore.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness bonus tracks


If 10 tracks isn’t enough for you (is there ever really enough?) it looks like the Japanese version of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will have a couple bonus tracks. I don’t speak or read Japanese, so these are directly translated from Tower Records’ Japanese website (if you can correct the titles I’d appreciate it) and their album is due to come out November 5, 2014.

Japanese Bonus Tracks
Rotary Ticket
Art School Girlfriend
Shelter Breaks
High Dive (Acoustic)

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Those of you looking for a CD or vinyl only pre-order, you can now get them on Amazon.

HI GUYS! I don’t usually promote myself but right now I’m very happy with how my personal blog is coming out so if you wanna follow HERE I’ll follow back, just give me a message if you want a follow back! 

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Photo booth fun.

Two of the most perfectly perfect albums ever to exist! #AndrewMcMahon #SomethingCorporate #JacksMannequin
"This new record sort of picks up where Everything In Transit left off."
Andrew McMahon on Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (via wreckingballheart)

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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness / Boston, MA / August 23, 2014

Jack’s Mannequin - “Swim”

Today was actually kind of a shitty day but thanks to the beautiful music of Andrew McMahon (in all four of his musical incarnations), I got through the day. I only have one music tattoo compared to ten nerd tattoos and there’s a reason it’s from this amazing musician. His music fixes every single bad day. #andrewmcmahon #andrewmcmahoninthewilderness #somethingcorporate #jacksmannequin #365happydays #day124 #music #musicheals